New YouTube Podcast

Shaping without Increases or Decreases
December 10, 2016
Craft Nomad podcast Episode 2
January 24, 2017

New YouTube Podcast

Hi Everyone,

I just started a YouTube podcast for Craft Nomad. It is not yet linked to the website, but you can find it at:

There is a link to the Craft Nomad Facebook page with a survey. You can also answer it by commenting in the show on this post.

Here are the show notes from that episode:

Craft Nomad Episode 1 – Script/Notes

This is the first video for Craft Nomad.

Podcasts: successful ones and those that support craft businesses.

 Early Podcasts

Designed for existing businesses.

Fiber Hooligan –

David Xenakis host, sponsored byXRX publications,Knitters Magazine, first online knitting magazine, and Stitches fiber arts Conferences held quarterly in different locations across the US.

Ready Set KnitWebs online yarn store. Hosts – Kathy and Steve Elkins founded 1974, Northhampton MA

Designed for independent crafts people

Podcasts with a twist.

Psychology and knitting –

The health benefits of knitting and other hand crafts.

 Mother/daughter/sister/husband/Wife podcasts

International podcasts

Country Life –

Simpler life in the country. interesting scenery and outdoor activities.

Closing challenge – Comment on which podcasts you think went on to have successful businesses.

#NewSttchADay #CogKnitivePodcast #KnitworthyPodcast#KnitmoreGirls #SavvyGirlsPodcast # #Kammebornia#CaithnessCollective #TheKnitGirls #KnittingPipeline#TheFatSquirrelSpeaks #CraftLit #

Answers next week.

Joy Harmon
Joy Harmon
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